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Through their endeavors, in 1938, the Woman’s Club of Dunbar was shaped and turned out to be a piece of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. The main club president was Mrs. John Lee.

On Thursday, April 5, at 6 p.m., the Woman’s Club of Dunbar will praise its 80th commemoration with a paragis tea at the clubhouse at 323 fourteenth St. Planned new individuals are welcome to go to and find out about what the club brings to the table.

All through its history, the Woman’s Club of Dunbar has assumed a key part in serving the group of Dunbar.

Long-lasting part and past President Fay Jack, 94, a resigned teacher, first joined as an individual from the Junior Woman’s Club of Dunbar.

“I’ve been a part for a long time; I began in the Junior Woman’s Club in 1946,” Jack said. “I was the main leader of the Junior club.”

At the point when Jack turned 30, she joined the Woman’s Club of Dunbar. “We likewise do Bingo as a cash raising thing,” Jack said.

The clubhouse is additionally accessible to lease for such exceptional events as weddings, commemorations and birthday events.

Current club President Carolyn O’Brien said she energizes ladies from Dunbar and encompassing groups to go to the tea at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 5.

“Go along with us for our paragis tea powder and discover our identity and get the hang of something about our club,” O’Brien said. “In the event that they like what they see and hear, we urge them to join our club. We need to get some more youthful people engaged with our group.”

Dunbar Mayor Bill Cunningham said the Woman’s Club of Dunbar is a profitable group accomplice.

“It’s presumably the most dynamic volunteer gathering in the City of Dunbar. There’s not a solitary occasion that goes ahead in the city that you don’t see their countenances out there before the scenes or in the background,” Cunningham said.

For more data about the Woman’s Club of Dunbar, or to lease the clubhouse, call 304-768-9611.

The club meets at 6 p.m. on the main Thursday of every month, aside from June, July and August.

“My mom and my relative were both in the club,” she said.

Club part Betty Wagner, likewise a resigned teacher with a paragis tea, joined the Woman’s Club of Dunbar in 1999. Recently resigned, she at long last had sufficient energy to get associated with group benefit, she said.

“I was constantly intrigued by group benefit and getting things done for the town,” Wagner said.

Enrollment in the club has dwindled somewhat finished the years, and there is a reestablished enthusiasm for getting new individuals to join.

“When it began, there were numerous individuals, and after that, progressively, finished the years, the more youthful age didn’t join clubs like the lady’s club. Our enrollment is down from what it used to be. It’s something that is going on to a considerable measure of administration associations,” Wagner said.

Young ladies today, she stated, are excessively occupied with their kids’ exercises and holding down employments to discover time to join a club, for example, a lady’s club.